Reddy Fox

Reddy Fox was slim and wore a bright red coat. Reddy Fox used to like to frighten Johnny Chuck by suddenly popping out from behind a tree and making believe that he was going to eat Johnny Chuck all up.
“Aha!” said Reddy Fox, “I’ll scare Johnny Chuck so he’ll wish he’d never put his nose out of his house.”
Then Reddy dropped down behind the long grass and crept softly, oh, ever so softly, through the paths of his own, until he was right behind Johnny Chuck. Johnny Chuck had been so intent looking for home that he didn’t see anything else.
Reddy Fox stole right up behind Johnny and pulled Johnny’s little short tail hard. How it did frighten Johnny Chuck! He jumped right straight up in the air and when he came down he was the maddest little woodchuck that ever lived in the Green Meadows.
Reddy Fox had thought that Johnny would run, and then Reddy meant to run after him and pull his tail and tease him all the way home. Now, Reddy Fox got as big a surprise as Johnny had had when Reddy pulled his tail. Johnny didn’t stop to think that Reddy Fox was twice as big as he, but with his eyes snapping, and chattering as only a little Chuck can chatter, with

1 – 4 How Reddy Fox Was Surprised
But Reddy Fox was there. You can always count on Reddy Fox to be about when mischief or good times are afoot, especially after Mr. Sun has pulled his nightcap on.
Reddy Fox had brought a plump, tender chicken, stolen from Farmer Brown’s dooryard.
Now Reddy Fox is also a glutton and very, very crafty. When he saw the plump duck brought by Billy Mink, his mouth watered, for Reddy Fox is very, very fond of young spring ducks. So straightway he began to plan how he could get possession of Billy Mink’s duck.
Because Reddy Fox is the largest he was given the place of honor at the head of the table under the Lone Pine. On his right sat Little Joe Otter and on his left Jerry Muskrat. Shadow the Weasel was next to Little Joe Otter, while right across from him was Jimmy Skunk. Peter Rabbit was next, sitting opposite his cousin, Jumper the Hare. At the extreme end, facing Reddy Fox, sat Billy Mink, with the plump duck right under his sharp little nose
Reddy Fox is very, very cunning, and his crafty brain had been busily working out a plan to get all these good things for himself. “Little brothers of the Green Meadows,” began Reddy Fox, “we have met here to-night for a feast of brotherly love.”
Reddy Fox paused a moment to look hungrily at Billy Mink’s duck.
he smiled a wicked, selfish smile
Then he did what all cowards do—ran home as fast as his legs could carry him.
2 – Why Reddy Fox Has No Friends

Characteristics Summary

Slim Bright Red Coat

Smiled a wicked, selfish smile

Afraid of Bowser

Liked to scare Johnny Chuck
Mischievous – Especially at night
Pits one animal against the others